can u edit this and add a little more plz like 2-3 lines plz in easy words, it is from the book we are all welcome here by elizabeth berg:
Historically the work is significant because it gives us an insight of the horrors of the civil war, which asserted the rights of the african-americans in the USA. The work documents the hopes and aspirations graphically and there for may serve us as a conduit to understand the present society which has emerged out of the past. Thus its historicall importance cannot be denied.

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  1. "Graphically" is not a good word here, unless there are pictures in the book. "there for" should be "therefore". "serve us" should just be "serve". "Historic" is misspelled. "Civil War" should be capitalized. So should "African-Americans". Also, when using it as a noun, as here, the hyphen should be omitted.

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  2. This book is NOT set in Civil War times. It's set in 1964 during the Civil Rights movement.


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