Mining cont...

Soo if some people wanna answer it would be soo helpful...thanks:)
-Are you happy with your career to date?
-What do you dislike about ur current state?
-What are your strengths?
-Does your job require you to work under stress?
-Do you think mining benefits society?
-What are your responsibilities?
-Where is your company going? Expansion plans??
-Will your position involve relocating?
-HOw many people work in your department
-what jobs have you had in the mining industry
-what was mined, how was it used?
-Do/Did you liek working with your current supervisor?
-Describe a typical day at work
-DO you keep yourself informed with new changes in your field?
-DO you think you work better than you fellow employees?
-Do you feel some didn't complete tasks leavin them for others to finish?
-Do you think mining is destroying our land?
DO you think picking a safe are to build a mine is important?
-Willt he mine affect a large amount of wildlife?
-Where was your company located?

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  1. I assume you're addressing this to miners. Frankly, I doubt if you're going to get an answer in this forum, since most of us are students or retired teachers and other professionals.

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