Can you check the mistakes in the following sentences?
1) The American Civil Rights Movement was a fight organised by M.L.King (was a non-violent organisation led by M..???)
2) It was different from the Black P Movement because the first (better the former) was a non-violent movement whereas the second (better the latter) was more militant.
3) M.L.King asked to destroy the laws of segregation (better to abolish the..)
4)It fell on the CD player (better: the cat jumped onto the CD player)
5) It bounced on the windshield is different from it bounced through the windshield (as you explained to me once)
6)He uses the Internet to cheat by getting the answers from a homework agency (is it correct?)
7) Plastic pollution is affecting also places such as the Atakama Desert or the mountains of Nepal where plastic bags look like summer snow (is it OK?)
8)In a farm a thief stole a ring (on a farm a ring had been stolen)
9)She refused to give her seat to a white man (or is it better to say "to give up")
10)She was sitting on the bus and she was asked to get up or stand up???
11)I should reuse plastic bags (instead of use more than once)and I mustn't leave them away (better throw them away/ OR dump them)
12)transformations in Mr Hyde (better into Mr Hyde?)
13) A person is selfish if he thinks only about himself
14) The key message in his speech was the desire (?) of a nation in which people will (to be replaced by would?) not be judged by ....
15) His friend helped him lowering him on his rope (or by lowering?)
16) Could he see his visitor? No, he could only see a bandage hanging in the air (or should you say : As a matter of fact, he could only see....)
17)Plastic pollution is a problem that concerns (or that affects??) in particular South America..
18)He started transforming himself without the potion causing a lot of damage (and not damages)
19)As no-one had visited the house, the thief must have been (and not could have been) one of the servants
Can you also say "the thief had been one of them??"
20)When the thief put his thumb on the saucepan, the cockerel would crow. Can you say: As a consequence, the thief would be discovered by the cockerel which would crow???
21)In Montgomery, Alabama there were segregation laws, one of which was that black people had to .... (or one of which claimed that ..)
22)To express a contrast which of the following sentence connectors would you use? The American Civil rights movement was... In contrast,/Unlike the American Civil rights Movement, on the other hand, the black power movement....)
23)At a certain moment there was a stron pull on the rope (is it correct?)
24) It is better the rats die instead of men (meaning in place of human beings?)
25) Can you say "he had involuntary transformations?" or his transformations became involuntary??
26) He was asked to find the thief of a ring in or from Peter's bedroom
27) he asked the servants to put one by one their thumb on the saucepan (or to put their thumb one by one..)
28) a pacific movement (wrong: a peaceful or a non-violent movement??)
29) A homework agency gives him the answers (better: sends him the answers?)
30) For the law, she had to give up her seat to ... (according to the segregation law??)
31) he discovered to be able to fly (or he discovered he was able to fly???
32) He arrived at the camp with his leg broken (correct: with a broken leg?)

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  1. 1-6 look fine, especially what you have in parentheses for 2-6.

    I'd change the position of "also" in #7. Plastic pollution is also affecting...

    8. On a farm...
    9. use what is in parentheses
    10. either
    11. First as you have it and secondly what is in parentheses.
    12. parentheses
    13. fine
    14. was the desire.....would (both verbs in the past tense is called "sequence of tense")
    15. parentheses
    16. eith er
    17. either
    18. potion without its causing...
    19. either
    20. either, whatever those strange marks are!
    21. as it is
    22. either although the first is perfectly clear
    23. spelling, stron = strong
    24. 25 = either
    27. either
    28. parentheses
    29. prentheses
    30. gives does not tell how amd sends is specific (by mail, etc.)
    31. parentheses
    32. either


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