1) There have been many problems with plastic bags also in Chile, the Atacama Desert and ,, (is "also" correct?)
2) The Irish Government introduced a ten pence tax on each plastic bag (or Per plastic bag?) people use (or used?)
3) He thought that human beings are OR were divided in two parts, a good and an evil one (is a comma necessary?)
4) A sensitive person is someone who is very emotional. Is emotional correct?
5) Is it correct to say "He writes his homework question to a homework agency on line?
6) Dr Jekyll feared that his evil part (or side?) could prevail over (or Overwhelm?) his good one.
7) As his involuntary transformations became more and more frequent and having killed an old man (is it correct to use the gerund to point out the reason..) he decided to kill himself
8) She refused to get up (or stand up?) and give (or give up?) her bus seat to a white man
9) While she was returning home on a crowded bus (and Not by bus??)
10) The cat jumped onto a table and knocked over a clock (what is a synonym for knock over?) The clock smashed through the window, fell onto the roof on the car and bounced through the windshield (Can I rephrase it saying: "the clock broke through the window, landed on the roof of the car and smashed the windshield (or crashed into the ...?"

Thanks for the help

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  1. 1. tell where first and then also is fine for other places.
    2. ten-pence and the rest is fine
    3. comma = yes, are for present and were for past.
    4. yes
    5. yes
    6. either
    7. yes and didn't I do this as an earlier one?
    8. OK
    9. OK
    10. knock down = smashed, struck, tumbled, broke...fel onto the roof of the car


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