A survey of 850 students conducted in two schools showed the following results:

School A:
*Students who took the bus = 400
* Students who did not take the bus = 150
Total = 550

School B:
*Students who took the bus = 200
* Students who did not take the bus = 100
Total = 300

School C:
*Students who took the bus = 600
* Students who did not take the bus = 250
Total = 850

Calculate the probability that a randomly chosen student from this group of 850 students takes the bus and is from school A.

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asked by Anna
  1. How bout "from this group of 550+300+850=1700 students"??

    Assumeing that you meant 1700 students, there are 400 from School A that took the bus. Ergo, P=400/1700 = 23.5%

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