1) The albatross as well as the spirits, the angels and the sea monsters are other supernatural elements (Is it correct or is it better to say "Other supernatural elements include...)?
2) The poet makes order (is it correct??) in a world which was pointless and dominated by disorder (or disorderly?)
3) He considers fancy inferior to imagination (or As inferior to)
4)The flowers were tossing their heads (are waving/moving synonyms for tossing)??
5) The poet felt happy at the sight of the daffodils.
Can you also say their sight brings the poet delight but he doesn't realise it (or that) at that very moment but only later, when he recollect his emotions in tranquillity (what is a synonym for recollect??)
6)Fancy can put order where there is chaos (is it correct?) and enables the poet to associate poetical devices such as/like.... (both correct?)
7) Imagination is divided into two types:.... (When defining them can you use the former ...... whereas the latter? The former ..... ./On the other hand or in contrast, the latter??

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  1. See answers above.

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