give the abstract noun for:
a) worm: wormthness
b) brilliant: brilliance
c) accurate: accuracy
d) hot: hotness
e) merry: married
f) : ity
g) late: lateness
h) secure: security
plz help to correct these answers

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  1. e) could be 'merriment'
    "Married" is something else entirely.

    d) 'heat' is a better word than 'hotness', but 'hotness' is OK. 'Temperature' measures hotness.

    a) 'worm' is already a noun. 'wormthness' does not exist as a word. Are you sure 'worm' is the word they want to turn into an abstract noun?
    There is a word 'worminess' created from the adjective 'wormy' (full of worms or wormlike).

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  2. Great 👍🏼

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  3. Great

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