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A power station with an efficiency of 0.4 generates 10(to the power of 8)watts of electric power and dissipates 1.5 x 10(to the power of 8) watts of thermal energy to the cooling water that flows through it. Knowing that the specific heat of water in SI units is 4,184j/kg degrees clecius. Calculate how many kg of water flows through the plant each second if the water is heated through 3 degrees celcius.

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  1. (mass flow rate)*C*(delta T) = 1.5*10^8 W
    C is the specific heat of the cooling water.
    "delta T" is the change in temperature of the water (3.0 C)
    Solve for the mass flow rate. It will be in kg/s if you use the specific heat, temperature and power units above.

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