It's near the end of your trip to France. You decide to do some comparative clothes shopping before you spend the 100 euros you saved to buy clothes with. Your two favourite stores are a big department store and a small boutique. Compare the items that you see at eachs tore. Then, on a separate sheet of paper, make a list of what you are going to buy at each one. In the column Au grand magasin, write each item along with its color and price. Do the same in the column À la boutique. Finaly, total each column and make sure the combined amount doesn't exceed 100 euros.

Grand magasin
-des chausettes violettes-3,81€
-des chausettes noires-3,05€
-des baskets rouges-30,49€
-un tee-shirt vert-9,15€
-un tee-shirt bleu-7,62€
-un jean bleu-30,34€
-un pull gris-18,14€
-une chemise violette-22,87€
-un tee-shirt noir-22,87€
-des baskets noires-45,73€
-des chaussettes roses-6,86€
-des chaussettes blanches-6,10€
-une chemise marron-45,73€
-un tee-shirt blanche-19,06€
-un jean bleu-53,36€
-un blouson jaune-64,79€

When it says "compare the items" that you see at each store, how does it want me to compare them?

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  1. The baskets rouges in the Grand magasin are much lower in price than the baskets noires in the Boutique.

    le basket = les baskets blancs

    le tee-shirt = un tee-shirt blanc

    You should compare price differences. I didn't total each list, so I hope you did?

    un pull, une chemise are not available in the Boutique? Un blouson is not available in the Grand magasin?

    Sra (aka Mme)

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