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which of the following accurately shows the correct terms for the two sides of a chemical equation, correctly placed to the left or to the right where they belong and also shows the correct symbol that is written between them?
reactants --> products
products = reactants
reactants = sum

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  1. Reactants --> Products {True}

    products = reactants {True}

    If atoms cannot be destroyed then the mass of reactants must equal the mass of the products in a chemical reaction

    Some chemical and physical changes can reach equilibrium. At equilibrium the rate of the forward reaction equals the rate of the reverse reaction. The measurable quantities of reactants and products remain constant at equilibrium.

    reactants = sum {True}

    The activation energy of any reaction is a constant, but catalysts mean that less energy is needed for a reaction to occur.

    So... technically this is is true.

    sum --> reactants {False}

    I'm thinking this has to be wrong because reactants is equal to the sum of reactants.

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  2. The only correct answer is the first one. Reactants goes on the left, products on the right, and an arrow connects them. None of the others are correct unless special conditions are met; for example, products = reactants is true only for the mass of products = mass of reactants. In any event, however, this isn't the correct answer for in a chemical reactions the reactants belong on the left and the products belong on the right with an arrow between them.

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