4 grade

How many outfit combinations are possible with 1 pair of sneakers, 3 tee-shirts and 2 pairs of jeans? Drawing a diagram might help to illustrate your strategy.

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  1. 1 pair of sneakers for each outfit. #3 tee shirts with 1 pair of jeans and #3 with the 2nd pair of jeans. That is 6 outfits in all.


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  2. One suitable diagram here is a probability or combinations tree. Hard to show as we can't draw picures but I'll do my best.

    On the LHS start with the sneakers and then add each teashirt (I have labelled them 1 to 3.

    sneakers teashirt2

    It is possible to wear a pair of jeans with each teashirt so we can now show.

    teashirt1 jeans2

    sneakers teashirt2 jeans1

    teashirt3 jeans1

    Normally we would join up the items with lines to make a 'tree'

    At the far right we put the combinations by reading along the branches of the tree.

    sneakers, teashirt1, jeans1
    sneakers, teashirt1, jeans2
    sneakers, teashirt2, jeans1
    sneakers, teashirt2, jeans2
    sneakers, teashirt3, jeans1
    sneakers, teashirt3, jeans2

    so 6 possible.

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  3. 30

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