I have to write a conversation in French between me and a friend in which we talk about descriptions of people and things and make comparisons of people and things. The conversation must be at least 12 lines long. Can you check and see if this conversation is correct?

ME:Où est votre cousin Avril à partir de? Where is your cousin April from?

Kayla:Elle est originaire de France.
She is from France.

ME:Quelle est sa nationalité? What is her nationality?

Kayla:Elle est française et parle français parfois. She is french and speaks french sometimes.

Me:Comment est-elle? What is she like?

Kayla:Elle est très courte et elle aime chanter. She is very short and she likes to sing.

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  1. First of all if it is you and a friend, why are you using the formal (vous) and not the familiar (tu)?

    1. D'où est votre (ta) cousine (she's female) Avril?

    2. Difference between the adjective and the adverb = originelment (check the difference between original and originel)

    Th e rest is good so far. If you need 12 lines, you are not yet finished.

    Sra (aka Mme)

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  2. Write a conversation between you and a friend in which you talk about the Weather and what your going to do as a result of the Weather conditions in french

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