How do I write an IF formula for the following statements?

**July’s budgeted expenses are based on the differences between the budgeted and actual expenses for June stored in column D. July’s budgeted expenses will be the same as those for June when the difference is greater than or equal to 0, otherwise they will be 30% more.**

**Tax deductions are calculated by multiplying 15% by the weekly pay when the salary is less than $30,000, and 28% by the weekly pay when the salary is equal to or higher than $30,000.**

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  1. With an Excel file open, press the F1 key and type in write an IF formula. You will get some help files, either from the files stored in the program on your computer or from the help files via Microsoft's website. You'll probably need the first one: "Create conditional formulas." Read and follow the directions.

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