Three neighbors are sharing a rectangular strip of land fir a garden. They divide the land into 24 equal-sized pieces. What fraction of the land does each person get if they share it equally? Write the answer in more than one way

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  1. If there are 24 equal-sized pieces, each gets 1/3 of them, which is 8 pieces. You can do the cutting up into 24 pieces in different ways.

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  2. 1/3=4/12

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  3. -If you take 24 divided by three it would equal up to eight.

    -Then if you multiply eight times three it would equal up to 24.

    -Finally if you take 8 and put it on top of 24 it would make a fraction.

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  4. Each person would get 8 pieces of land.

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  5. I do not nooo help me plese

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  6. Hmm.. Hard question; but i hope my conjecture is right. First, you can cut the land strips into 24ths. Each person will get 8 pieces of it. Another way is to do the same thing but each person gets 3 pieces. By the way I have the same question for my homework, so I'm not exactly sure if this answer is right. Overall, I hope this helped!

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  7. All your answer were great but I think there is only one way also I have this question in middle school Hackensack Mrs.Darling class 2015-2016 Kids in middle school.

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  8. Wait I you have to right in a different form I think you have to right the whole number the the fraction
    P.S this is the same Anthony who said 2015-2016 Middle school Hackensack
    P.P.S Just letting you know.

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  9. Hdnhdjshshdhjsjsjdjhdjdhdhdmj

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