What is hell called in celtic mythology? It isn't Tir na n-Og.

And Sra, don't patronize me with a Google search.

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  1. I recommend that you read this excerpt from a book on that subject (or get the book):

    What you are looking for may not exist.

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  2. Sorry, that was not meant to be patronizing at all, but simply to show you places to look. From the Celtic Mythology book, did you see the following:

    Uffern [cf. L infernum, hell]. Name for the Welsh Otherworld in the Latin texts of Walter Map (c.1140–c.1209) and Giraldus Cambrensis (c.1146–1223); a semantic dismissal showing unmistakable Christian influence. Uffern has become the Welsh word for the Christian hell. See also ANNWFN.


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