spanish 2

How do you say
ways to get around in spanish
directions around the city

asked by jaz
  1. doblar- to turn
    conducir- to drive
    la esquina- corner
    la calle- street
    el coche/carro-car
    la ciudad- city
    el pueblo- town
    pasar-to pass
    parar- to stop
    el cinturon de seguridad- seatbelt
    la tienda-store
    el supermercado- supermarket
    la iglesia- church
    la escuela- school
    el gimnasio- gym
    el cine- movies
    uhhh lets see what are some other places.....
    la plaza- like the spanish version of the town square, or mall
    la farmacia- pharmacy
    el hospital- hospital
    la estacion de gasolina- gas station
    el autobus- bus
    camion- truck

    thats all i know off the top of my head. i are fluent :d

    posted by brad
  2. extra words:
    to drive = manejar
    to the right = a la derecha (the one above is the adjective)
    to the left = a la izquierda
    accent on "el cinturón"
    also on "camión" and "estación)


    posted by SraJMcGin
  3. P.S. a few more:
    straight ahead = derecho
    across = a través de
    behind = detrás
    beyond = más allá
    far = lejos
    near = cerca (de)
    toward = hacia
    under = debajo de


    posted by SraJMcGin

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