How would you say:
she is a good professor
I (feminine) am your good student
thank you

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  1. Is it: elle est un bon professeur, or
    elle est une bonne professeur
    Je suis ta bonne étudidiante

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  2. And: for my good professor (female)
    pour ma bon professeur?????

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  3. It is either le professeur OR la femme professeur. I would not use "ta" to a teacher but "votre."

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  4. oops = forgot to sign it!

    Sra (aka Mme)

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  5. But how would you use the sentence:
    She is a good teacher?
    For my good teacher (if the teacher is female.)????

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  6. Also, I realize that one does not use the personal form with a teacher; however if there are two friends and one is the teacher and the other the student (both females) then how would you say:
    from your good pupil?
    I know that it is " ton ètudiante" but if I interject the "bon" would it then be: ta bonne ètudiante ???

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