Hello!I would like that you transcribe me in english 2 audios document (they're very short 2 min the both)you can listen them if you write in search engine :for the first Genevieve : how I celebrate Thanksgiving &for the second Brigitte : Thanksgiving
please,please do it for a desperate french once again please...

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  1. Please understand that no one here will do your work for you. However, we will be happy to read over whatever you come up with and make suggestions and/or corrections.

    Please post what you think.

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  2. i'm ok with what you say i transcribe what i listen n the second document:
    Thanksgiving is the last thursday in november devoded in America a giving thanking god this is then by grand god we thank god for over food forwards the first pilgrins who arrived in America when I prepare the corbon enter they had nut'ends to eat.Seeing this,the Indians shared they're foodling them them the traditionnaly dish's thanksgiving dinner is a roast turkey and cranberry jelly,surgely scream tailer and for the dessert pumky pail is delicious as Americans say it's finger lickin good.I know live in France and family annoy to open to continue celebrating that tradition and thanking god for every things he provides.

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  3. Your translation makes very little sense. Did it come from an internet translation site?

    If you're studying English, you would be much better off doing your own translation. We'll be glad to help you with a translation you've made yourself.

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  4. & I transcribe the first document too so I would like please you correct me:In my family we began the celebration early.Family's members come from paraway to attend this dinner guest family and usually arrived around one p.m we have drinks and orders we've turkey and the d roast in the even.Everythings depend on 1 turkey is done when he has been cooked just right,we sit down after dinner table the for we eat we go around the table and each say one thing we are grateful for that arrivals. The especiallies dishes for thanksgiving are turkey and stuffy,cranberry sauce,grandy,amost apornway ,pumpky pail for dessert,the stuffy is the best part it is made for smort of wayd with spicies and chank of sarery while the turkey is roasting in the oven stuffy is very savery and delicious I can never decide if I like staffing better or is pumpy pail is my favorite.I'm very excited about thanksgiving miss thursday I love seen my family all together

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  5. I worked alone I believe you don't understand it isn't a traslation it's just english audios documents trancribed (in english) i'm franch it's difficult for me that's why i ask your help for correct so it's normal if there ara many errors

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  6. documents are in english I never talk about a translation

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  7. Well, although I'm not sure what you are doing here, I'll try to correct your English.

    Thanksgiving is the last Thursday in November devoted in America to giving thanks to God. We thank God for our food for the first pilgrims who arrived in America. Seeing that the pilgrims had little to eat,the Indians shared their food with them. The traditional dish for Thanksgiving dinner is a roast turkey and cranberry jelly, and for the dessert pumkin pie is delicious. As Americans say, "it's finger-lickin good." I now live in France and the family continues celebrating that tradition and thanking God for every thing he provides.

    NOTE: What I deleted made no sense whatever. This is about the best I can do for you now. I'm editing a book and stopped to try to help you.

    Si vous voulez, vous pouvez dire les autres choses en français? Mais en ce moment, je n'ai pas beaucoup de temps.

    Sra (aka Mme)

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  8. Part 2:

    In my family we begin the celebration early. Family members come from far away to attend this dinner. The guest family usually arrives around one p.m. and we have drinks and hors d'oeuvres. We've the turkey and the roast in the oven. Everything depends on when the turkey is done. When it has been cooked just right, we sit down at the dinner table to eat and we go around the table for each to say one thing we are grateful for. The special dishes for Thanksgiving are turkey and stuffing, cranberry sauce,pumpkin pie for dessert. The stuffing is the best part; it is made with spices while the turkey is roasting in the oven. The stuffing is very savory and delicious. I can never decide if I like stuffing better or is pumpkin pie my favorite. I'm very excited about Thanksgiving thos Thursday. I love seeing my family all together.

    NOTE: Again, I left out what made no sense.


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  9. MERCI

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  10. C'était un plaisir! Bonne chance avec l'anglais.

    Sra (aka Mme)

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