I need to apply to HOPE scholarship but I'm having some trouble. I've applied to two colleges already, one's public and one's private. So when I go to apply for HOPE, it tells me I can either apply to one that's for private and one that's for public colleges. So I thought I'd do both. After I applied to the one for public colleges, It won't let me do it again for private.

I couldn't decide on one, because I don't know which one I'm going to go to right now. What do i do? It says I can't apply again before may.

please help if you can

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  1. On the surface, public colleges cost less than private ones do.* So if you're applying for scholarships that make you make a choice, opt for the private.

    Most scholarships don't make you make that choice, though.

    *If you get enough scholarships, though, private schools can cost less than public schools. It all depends on the school and their specific financial aid office decisions.

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  2. so i should've applied for the private one before instead of the public. because, their price difference is huge.

    so that means i can't get this scholarship if i chose the private college? :(

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  3. That's right. You could receive this scholarship if you choose a state (public) college / university, and it certainly would help. But scholarships like this can make money stretch further in private schools. Here's an example:

    A California resident attending a CSU currently pays around $17,000+ per year (living on or off campus, but not at home with parents); a non-resident would have to come up with about $10,000 more per year until/unless residency is established.
    Scroll down for the chart.

    A student at Pomona College (an excellent coed liberal arts private college, also in California) will need to come up with about $52,000 per year.

    As you can see with these two charts, the primary difference in costs per year is in the tuition.

    You also need to remember that private schools often have much larger and much wealthier sets of alumni -- and they generally contribute lots of money each year to the alumni association, which is often one of the hugest sources of scholarship money that the school awards.

    So ... you have choices to make.

    Check the private schools in Georgia:
    Do your "homework" regarding tuition, room & board, and fees ad different schools.

    Then check out Georgia State U:
    Georgia State University - Student Accounts
    When calculating the annual cost of a college degree, you should consider a number of factors including ... 2009 Georgia State University. View legal statement.

    Cost Calculator (Estimates for the 2009-2010 Academic Year ...
    2009 Georgia State University. View legal statement.

    Georgia State University - Tuition and Fees FAQ
    On-campus payment checks should be payable to Georgia State University and ...

    Make comparisons.

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  4. ok. i will, thank you

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