Math 101

You order twelve burritos to go from a Mexican restaurant, five with hot peppers and seven without. However, the restaurant forgot to label them. If you pick three burritos at random, find the probability that at least two have hot peppers. (Round the answer to three decimal places.)

(I put 0.36 but it was marked wrong).

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  1. P -- pepper
    N -- without pepper

    P(P) = 5/12
    P(N) = 7/12

    to have at least 2P, you could have 2P or 3P,
    Two peppers could be PPN PNP NPP
    Prob of that is 3x(5/12)^2(7/12) = .3038

    Three peppers = (5/12)^3 = .0723

    adding these we get .376

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  2. You order fifteen burritos to go from a Mexican restaurant, eight with hot peppers and seven without. However, the restaurant forgot to label them. If you pick five burritos at random, find the probability of the given event. (Round your answer to three decimal places.)
    All have hot peppers.

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