For our research paper we have to use one primary site. Which means the website must end in edu or whatever. Do you know one for the Jacksonian Era.

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asked by Unknown
  1. Cite with a c and not site with an s. Do you know what primary means in this context as opposed to secondary? Not everything on the web ending in dot edu or whatever else is a primary. Primary means written firsthand by someone living in the time period. These observations could be recorded in interviews, eyewitness testimony accounts, diaries, letters, journals, log books, speeches, really old newspaper clippings, et cetera. Sometimes, a good secondary can point you toward some primary stuff. When was the (Andrew?) Jacksonian Era?

    posted by zorro
  2. http://www.isidore-of-seville.com/jackson/4.html

    posted by Ms. Sue

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