A car boy in California purchased 6onces of silver for 3000 euro. what is the unit ratio of euro/ounce of silver? If the exchange rate is l:25 $=euro, what is the ratio equivalant to in $/pound of gold.

Ratio= costeuro/ounce=3000/6

Ratio= costeuro/ounce*16ounces/lb *dollars/euro
=3000/6*16*1.25 dollars/lb

Hmmm. I think I misread the ratio of dollars to euro.

Ratio= costeuro/ounce=3000/6

Ratio= costeuro/ounce*16ounces/lb *dollars/euro
=3000/6*16*1 /25 dollars/ lb

check my thinking

I am not getting what you are saying, please put in word form.

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  1. i am thinking

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