Consider the following method of estimating
Fahrenheit temperatures given Celsius temperatures
(which was stated earlier in this section):
To estimate the Fahrenheit temperature for a given Celsius
temperature, double the Celsius temperature and add 30.
Create a spreadsheet comparing the estimates with the
actual Fahrenheit temperatures for Celsius temperatures
from 0 to 40°. (The estimate can be expressed as follows:F = 2C + 30
.) For what temperatures is the estimate
most accurate? least accurate? Are there any Celsius temperatures
for which the estimate is exactly correct?

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asked by jeng
  1. In Excel, I would create 3 columns
    Put 0 into A1
    in B1 type: A1*2 + 30
    in C1 type : A1*(9/5) + 32
    in A2 type : =A1 + 1
    select A2 to A101, "fill down"
    "fill down" the values for columns B and C from 1 to 101

    as a check: my values for 20 are 70 and 68

    and at 10º F I get 50 in both columns

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    posted by Reiny

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