Significant figures

How would I go and express these numbers with 3 significant figures in normal notation?


for d and e aren't they already with 3 significant figures and also in normal notation?

for a, b, and c I can't figure out what to do since It isn't explained how to get 3 significant figures in normal notation though I usually use scientific notation when questions like this come up.

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  1. Count three places. Round to the third. I use round to the even number for a number ending in 5.
    a. 15.1
    b. 1440
    c. 83,900
    d and e are ok as is.

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  2. Thanks Dr.Bob =)

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  3. In measurement should contain only the numbers that are significant true or false?

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  4. 6000,000

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  5. What is 0,0000456 be in scientific notation.

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