homework !!

My daughter did excellent in school last year (grade 1) She was reading at a grade 2 level, and loved school. Now, she says she can't read, won't read and when she tries she is getting all the small words wrong. Is she playing me or does she have a problem??

My first bunch of questions would go to the teacher--
~How is she behaving in class?
~Is she having trouble following any directions?
~Is she having any vision problem in the classroom?

Then I'd want to make arrangements with the teacher to sit in a few times (not just once) to see how she does -- how does she do with the instructions and the classwork, how does she interact with other children, etc.

Her reaction to grade 2 could be stemming from getting used to a new teacher or learning to get along with new classmates or lots of other things. But only by working with the teacher and going to observe for yourself will you really find out what's going on.


The "she" in all that I wrote refers to your daughter!!


I completely agree with Writeacher. Talking with the teacher and observing your daughter in class should help you understand what's going on with your daughter and her reading.

Thanks to both of you. I will do that as things seam to be getting worse instead of better.

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