I'm having trouble with a math problem: I solved it but I have to make sure I'm right.

Question: A computer was on sale at 60% off. A cash register receipt for that computer was found showing a total of $496.08 which INCLUDED TAX, but the rest of the receipt was too hard to read. Find the exact price of the computer BEFORE going on sale WITHOUT sales tax. The Indiana sales tax is 6%.

My answer was $806.13 after I worked it out.

Your formula would be like the following:

.4X + .06(.4X) = 496.08

If the discount was 60%, that means that the computer costs 40% of the original price (.4X). To this you need to add the 6% tax [.06(.4X)].

Combine terms.

.424X = 496.08

Divide both sides by .424.

X = $1170

Man, what a bargain!

I hope this helps. Thanks for asking.

i got $777.20.

1.$496.08 /6%=29.7648
2.i took 29.7648 and rounded it off to 29.76.
3. then i did $496.08- 29.76= $466.32.
4. then i did $466.32/.6{60%}= my answer.

p.s let me know if that helps.

i got $777.20.

1.$496.08 /6%=29.7648
2.i took 29.7648 and rounded it off to 29.76.
3. then i did $496.08- 29.76= $466.32.
4. then i did $466.32/.6{60%}= my answer.

p.s let me know if that helps.

The price paid before sales tax was
496.08/1.06 = $468.00. Assuming that was 40% of the original price (60% markdown), then the price before the sale was 468/.4 = $1170.

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