Sex Ed

1. Identify different types of media that display sexual images.


2. What does the media teach us about women's sexuality?

Good looking, slim bodies with huge breasts and angular jawbones and absolutely no hair on their bodies.

3. What does the media teach us about men's sexuality?

They are tall with muscles, big arms and abs and strong.

4. What does the media teach us about sexual relationships?

It is pleasurable.

Are these answers good? Or there is anymore I can add please don't hesitate to reply.


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  1. I'd add:

    1. television

    2. often weak and portrayed as victims

    3. often sexual predators

    4. no consequences such as std's and unwanted pregnancies

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  2. I agree with Ms. Sue. You seem to relate solely to physical traits rather than sexual roles. What does it mean to be feminine vs. masculine in our culture? These norms, although they are changing, are typically transmitted by the media. For example, the media is more likely to portray women stereotypically as more passive, emotional and irrational, while men are seen as more active and logical.

    These articles might give you some new insights.

    I hope this helps a little more. Thanks for asking.

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  3. Why do guys love me

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  4. The media that display sexual images are Videogames, Movies Magazines, the Internet and television
    A) The media teaches us that women need to look unattractively extreme with a good-looking slim body, unnaturally large breasts, strong jawbones and absolutely no hair on their bodies. Also, they are portrayed often as weak and portrayed as victims

    B) The media teaches us that men also need to look a certain way such as being abnormally tall with large muscles, big arms, abs and strong. Also, they are portrayed as often sexual predators.

    C) The media teaches us that sexual relationships are very pleasurable, but it also has its cons such as sex at a young age, sex with no knowledge of the consequences and sex without learning the rules etc.

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