Please show the quickest way to do this question?

Amanda has 20 coins in her purse. She has only 10c,20c and 50c coins, and their total value is $5. If she has more 50c than 10c coins, how many 10c has she?

Thank You

asked by BRENDAN
  1. Are you in algebra using variables 'c'?

    posted by Dean
  2. I'm not sure what you mean.

    posted by BRENDAN
  3. What grade are you in?

    posted by Dean
  4. YEAR 4

    posted by BRENDAN
  5. c stands for cents?

    posted by Dean
  6. yes c stands for cents.

    posted by BRENDAN
  7. I got 4 x 50c = $2

    2 x 10c = 20 c

    14 x 20c = $2.80c

    so she has 2 x 10c

    posted by Dr Russ
  8. Since you are in year 4, you will be able to solve this algebraically.
    let the number of 10c pieces be x
    let the number of 20c pieces be y
    let the number of 50c pieces be (20-x-y)

    10x + 20y + 50(20-x-y) = 500
    reduces to
    4x + 3y = 50
    so we need positive integer solutions for x and y
    clearly x has to be between 0 and 13
    after only two tries, I got
    x = 2, and y = 14
    number of 10c pieces = 2
    number of 20c pieces = 14
    number of 50c pieces = 20-2-14 = 4

    check: 2x10 + 14x20 + 4x50 = 500

    posted by Reiny

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