social studies,word unscrambler

i cannot unscramble these two words 1.hyporgoeg 2.retcarahccitsi

asked by sara
  1. You can find them in this website -- if you include all of the letters in the first word.

    posted by Ms. Sue
  2. the first one is geography

    posted by aly
  3. cheesball

    posted by ur mom
  4. Rbineaellto

    posted by Daniela
  5. nssehice

    posted by jada cabral
  6. I can't unscramble this word:tendiu tasset

    posted by Jeethunadimpalli
  7. rskite

    posted by meredith
  8. War artless I

    posted by Anonymous
  9. Geography

    posted by Amethyst

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