physics: scalars/vectors

Please check.

1. Which of the following quantities are scalars, and which are vectors?
a. the acceleration of a plane as it takes off- VECTOR
b. the number of passengers on the plane- SCALAR
c. the duration of the flight- SCALAR
d. the displacement of the flight- VECTOR
e. the amount of fuel required for the flight- SCALAR

The only one I might question is d. If by 'displacement' the question means distance, then it's a scalar. If it means directed distance then it's a vector. I'm not entirely sure how the word is being used, so check your text for any clarification it might give for that word. The others look correct to me.

i need help with my homework it is about vectors and their is no good sites to help me with them what should i do and it has to be in for tommorow :S

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  1. Need answers

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