Neutron star-universal gravitational problem

Hi, i'm having problem w/ this question...i've tried everything i know and i still don't get the right's the info they give:

Consider a neutron star of mass M = 1.99e+30kg and a radius of R = 10 km.

They ask 3 question...two of which i have answered (1st:gravitional acceleration near the surface of the star, i found to be 1.33e12 m/s/s and 2nd: found the velocity of an object if it was 1.1 m away from the surface of the star to be 1.71e6 m/s.) but the question that i haven't been able to answer is this: Assuming uniform density, how much would 1.1 cubic centimeters of neutron star material weigh on the surface of the earth?

HELP!!!....i got this far..desity of the star w/ radius 10 km..1.99e+30kg/4.19e12 (meters cubed) = x (kg)/1e-6 (meters cubed) and then the answer from that i multiplied by 9.81...but that's not the right answer...what am i doing wrong??

sorry i finally found the answer...i just made some errors in the unit conversion

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