human services agency interview

Can someone direct me in the righ direction I'm not sure where to start. I have to Perform an in-person, phone or online visit to a medical setting, hospice, or school where human services are provided, and interview a human service provider about the nature of the practice setting and interventions provided. Questions can relate to the target population, the mission of the agency, how and what services are provided, the most common clinical issues, and how services are funded. In a memorandum:

· Identify 3 communication approaches that you could take to complete this interview (, letter, appointment, online messenger). Explain why you chose the one that you used.

· List the interview questions asked (a minimum of 10, max 20) and summarize your response from the interviewee

· Reflect on whether or not this agency meets your career goals. Be insightful and specific.

asked by ReeRee
  1. These are some of the questions that I have come up with.

    How do you receive your funding?
    How do people pay for your services?
    What services do you provide?
    What services do you think should be added?
    What one service do you think has the most positive effect on our community?

    posted by ReeRee
  2. Other than the effect on the community, would you also be concerned with the effect on individual clients?

    Here might be other questions you might want to ask.

    How effective to you believe your efforts are in giving your services? On what do you base this judgment?

    What frustrations do you have in trying to deliver your services?

    An in-person appointment would allow you to quickly ask other questions that might occur to you during the interview and to note nonverbal aspects of the provider that might influence your perception of the validity of his/her responses.

    I hope this helps. Thanks for asking.

    posted by PsyDAG
  3. population of hospice patients that human services attends

    posted by marie hunt
  4. how much do you make working with human services

    posted by tiffany
  5. hello,

    I just wonder if somebody can help give me some tips to how to interview a human service provider about the nature of the practice setting and interventions provided. I don't have idea how to do it please help me

    posted by claudfigue78
  6. Try doing your own homework.

    posted by Anonymous

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