Analogies (just one)-- please help

Smile is to compare as hyperbole is to ____________


I thought something was awry.
Simile means to compare and hyperbole means to exaggerate.
Did you try dictionary.c o m?

This is easy, a simile is a comparison and a hyperbole is what....
Well test all your options,
procession- not correct
equipped-not correct
possibility-not correct

You really have to know your definitions of words for analogies. They give everyone trouble sometimes.

Here is one that has us stumped.
capital is to capitol as city is to?

what would be the answer to the analogy

subdue, pursuit, presume, acuse, intrude, deputy, squad, badge, oficer, warrant, criminal, rookie, or headquarters

what is the analogy_________:vain::modest:conceited?

lucid: pellucid

r u gonna be able to help me


which is its analogy


Glasses:lens as

a. Wool
b. Warm
c. Fur
d. Cuff

places: as events:historian

megalith is to ponderous as
a. megahertz is to preponderant
b. verdict is to popular
c. megalopolis is to populous
d. creation is to devastation

Car is to garage as _____ is to ____.

Hop is to rabbit as _____ is to ____.

Help Me with my analogies

triangl : pentagon :: hexagon :____

whirlwind:breeze:downpour: the answer starts with scr,spr,str,or thr.

place is to set as yield is to

please girl i have enough trouble with mine

Ship is to trip as shout is to __________

Ship is to trip as shout is to __________

i need helpn on how to do analogies

Sub:bus::_ _



the answer is either modest or shy



motive is to incentive as absurd is to ______


which is its analogy?

Identical: Similar

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  1. Risk is to chance as forethought is to

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  2. risk is to chance as forethought is to plan

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  3. inquired is to replied as praised is to...

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  4. ship:trip::shout: ???

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  5. addition subtraction

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  6. impose:expose

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  7. impose:expose

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  8. habit: break:: job: (work,quit,fail,finish, succeed)

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  9. quit

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  10. habit:break::job:quit

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  11. Whirlwind is to breeze as downpour is to.?

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  12. what is analogie of downpour?

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  13. place is to set as yield is to:


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  14. analogy for downpour is sprinkle

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  15. what is the 1 for ___;vain:;modest;conceited?

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  16. TEN:FIVE::TWENTY:___

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  17. Kenya is to Indian Ocean as Liberia is to

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  18. whirlwind is to breeze as downpour is to what? starts with str scr spr or thr

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  19. uyj io

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  20. Bdjjd

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  21. Naturalist is to natural history as is to Egypt.

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