Reposted Questions

I asked these questions yesterday,
and need to repost to see what others
seem to think.

1. Asking children to place red and blue
teddy bear counters into red and blue
dishes helps them learn to:

A. discriminate
B. classify
C. count
D. remember

2. Which one of the following is NOT
a likely reason why children have
trouble following directions?

A. The directions are too long.

B. The child is too stubborn.

C. The child doesn't understand
the words.

D. The teacher is standing up.

I think the answer to question number:

1. (A) discriminate.
2. (B) the child is too stubborn.

Yesterday, others seemed to think I
am wrong-- others say the correct
answer to question #1 is (B)classify
and the answer to question #2 is
(C)the child doesn't understand the
words. However, others have said that
on question #4 another possibility is
(D) the teacher is standing up.

I am confused over these two questions,
and would like to know what others think

Thank you for your time and help!!

Here are web definitions of "classify" and "discriminate." Are you asking the child to categorize the teddy bears and plates or are you asking them to perceive the diffference between blue and red?
I think you are asking them to discriminate for they must perceive the difference in the colors.

For #2, let's look at each answer.
A. Yes, children CAN get confused when directions are too long.
B. Yes, at the moment the child may be going through a subborn phase.
C. Yes, the child may NOT understand the words.
D. Now, tell me, what difference would it make if the teacher was standing up or sitting down? I don't think it would make any difference. A, B, and C COULD be valid reasons but D can not; therefore, for my money, D must be the LEAST likely to account for a child not following directions.

I donot know if the question is asking them to perceive or to categorize.
This is where I am confused. But, wouldn't the children be learning to classify?

To know that an organism is discriminating, all that the organism needs to do is respond differently to various stimuli. A child is an organism.

Categorizing would more likely involve assigning various verbal labels to groups of stimuli. Standing up is least likely to cause trouble.

I agree with A and D respectively.

I hope this helps a little more. Thanks for asking.

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asked by Tamera

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