Breathing too much alcohol or too much HNO3 surely would not be very good but I doubt there would be a reaction that would produce toxic fumes other than the fumes from the HNO3 and/or the ethanol. On similar note, just yesterday an 18-wheeler spilled a little "hazardous waste" in a small town about 50 miles from where I live. The newspaper carried the story and one place the hazardous material was listed as sodium hydroxide, another place it was sodium hydrosulfide, and another place it was sodium hyposulfite. Then they neutralized it with peroxide in one place, sawdust in another, etc etc. I wish I knew what really happened.

He he..I just finished watching the Simpsons and in this episode they had a snake that went into a chem lab. The snake then pushed over a beaker of ethanol alchohol and then it pushed a beaker over with nitric acid in it which had as a side note on the beaker..(do not mix with ethanol) can guess what happened..the snake pushed both beakers over. The result in the cartoon was that their was "toxic" gas produced. Now seriously, would this combination be that dangerous?

I don't want to waste anybody's time but I thought that this was interesting if this was possible and I would of course make a sidenote in my head to never do that..XD

Hm..interesting..I guess that the simpson's creaters haven't been doing their homework..oh well

eh they always say "a little" just to not go and make the public panic and run for the hill so to speak..
I guess that all those that you listed were toxic...and that you read a few dozen newspapers..XD

"Interstate 75 in Scott County was closed for about 10 hours yesterday due to a chemical spill from an overturned tanker truck. The truck driver from Ohio was a driver for Highway Transport. He apparently lost control after blowing a tire near the southbound 128 exit around 7 a.m.. The chemicals were sodium hydroxide and sodium hypochlorite, these can burn respiratory passages if inhaled, and also burn the skin. These are used to make a cleaning solution. Non-hazardous material was also being carried. Three southbound lanes were covered by the truck. The driver was not seriously injured, and no one was injured by the chemicals."

Is this what you were talking about?
The article doesn't say what they neutralized it with...
(from the web)
I really don't know what happens in other states but In mine we recently had a hospital that had to have a cleanup for spilled "toxic chemical" but they never actually mentioned what chemical it was on the news....

No, I don't live anywhere near interstate 75. I suppose the thinking is that most of the public wouldn't know what was named even if they did name it and got it right; however, they seem be obsessed with "accuracy" so why can't they get it accurate so those who do know enough about the subject can know what is going on and those who don't know the wrong information will be no worse off from knowing the right information.

Next time I'll just leave it alone...I didn't want to get anybody upset or anything...

Whoops..I totally misunderstood what you said...but now after re-reading it I totally agree.

Thanks Dr.Bob =)

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