You're a famous movie producer. Large historical epics have become very popular, and you want to get in on the action. You need to develop a proposal to "pitch" to a movie studio. But what hasn't been done? Ben-Hur and Spartacus were big hits in the 1950s, and now seems the right time for a comeback of these blockbuster epics.

You decide that the "postclassical" period, 450-1450, has many possibilities. The movie, to be successful, has to have conflict and action and be historically authentic.

So, you have to develop this proposal, developing a movie epic of events or actions in any part of the world during this period. Your proposal to the movie studio must include the following:

Historical background and documentation: the actual events/civilizations that inspired this, including references to the Stearns text and one other legitimate resource for historical information
Location/Setting: where this movie will be filmed, and why that particular location is necessary, and how it reflects the topography of the region
Cast: how many, representing which groups, characters
Plot: events, relationships, action, conflicts, emotion, life and death
Costumes: what people wore, how they lived (houses, food, labor), law and order
Potential market: why you think such a movie would be popular.
We're after a movie with historical authenticity!

Movie studio executives see a large number of proposals, so yours needs to be outstanding to catch their eye. A TWO TO FOUR PAGE proposal should provide sufficient detail for them to get a good idea. Remember, studio executives may not be history buffs, so explain it clearly

Here are some ideas --
Fall of the Roman Empire
One of the Crusades
Devastation of the Black Death
Viking raids
Vikings find North America

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