What is the chronological order of the release of Microsoft GUI operating system?

1. Windows 1.0 November, 1985
2. Windows 2.0 December 9, 1987
3. Windows 3.0 May, 22 1990
4. Windows NT 3.1 August, 1993
5. Windows 3.11 February, 1994
6. Windows 95 August, 1995
7. Windows NT 4.0 August, 1996
8. Windows 98 June, 1998
9. Windows 98 SE May 5, 1999
10. Windows 2000 February 2000
11. Windows ME June 19, 2000
12. Windows XP October 25, 2001
13. Windows Vista January 30, 2007

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asked by reter

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