Can someone please explain how to do this problem? I am really confused. Thank you.

3. How much heat does 32.0 grams of water absorb when it is heated from 25.0 degrees Celsius to 80.0 degrees Celsius?

q = mass*specific heat water*(Tfinal-Tinitial) = ??.
mass is 32.0 g
Tfinal = 80.0
Tinitial = 25.0
You need to look up the specific heat of water and plug in the numbers. Solve for q. Post your work if you get stuck.

q = 32.0g (55.0)
q = 1760

So does q equal 1760

You haven't multiplied by the specific heat of water, or did you? And if so what are the units of your answer.

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asked by Amy

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