I worked the problem out, but could you check my work over and see if it's correct? I used the quadratic formula.

a=2 b=10 c=11

x=-10(plus or minus) sqrt 10^2-4(2)(11)
over 2(2)

-10(plus or minus) sqrt 100 - 8(11)
over 4

-10(plus or minus) sqrt 100-88
over 4

-10(plus or minus) sqrt 12
over 4
-10(plus or minus) 2 sqrt 3
over 4

can this be simplified any more? or is the final answer even correct? pls help!!

Divide the 2a out, so

x= -2.5 +- .5* sqrt3

I'm a little confused. could you show me where exactly I went wrong? thanks! :)

When you used the formula
x = [-b +/- sqrt (b^2-4ac)]/2a, you forgot to divided by 2a, which is 4.

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asked by carla
  1. f

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    posted by crystal

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