Early Child Ed.

Would you please check these questions and my answer to make sure I have chosen
the best possible choice?

1. A prone board is used for:

A. positioning the child
B. helping a child sleep
C. encouraging a baby to sit up
D. moving a child place to place

2. Using Velcro to keep a plate on the
table for a child with physical
disabilities is an example of:

A. adapting materials
B. special equipment
C. occupational therapy
D. physical therapy

3. If a child seems to "black out" for
a moment or two,he or she may have

A. a grand mal seizure
B. epilepsy
C. a petit mal seizure
D. convulsions

4. Attention deficit disorder:

A. is always characterized by

B. must be diagnosed after early

C. is never characterized by

D. sometimes is evident in children
who are not overactive.

5. Children with learning disabilities:

A. can never learn
B. vary a great deal
C. are bilingual
D. should be labeled at an early age.

6. A good warning sign of future
learning disabilities in young
children is:

A. number of siblings
B. age at which child walked
C. lack of readiness skills
D. challenging behavior

Here are my answers to questions:

1. (A) positioning the child
2. (A) adapting materials
3. (D) convulsions
4. (D) sometimes is evident in children
who are not overactive.

5. (D) should be labeled at an early

6. (C) lack of readiness skills

Thank you!!

Your first two answers are correct.

When a child blacks out for a few seconds, it's probably a petit mal seizure. Number 4 is correct.

Labeling a child at a young age is often counterproductive. Children with learning disabilities vary a great deal. One of my best history students with abover-average reading ability had a learning disability in math.

Number 6 is correct.

Recheck #3 and 5 - I would question those answers.
The rest look fine.

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asked by Tamera

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