Early Child Ed.

Can you please check my questions and answers?

1. A three-year-old child who is
developmentally delayed might:

A. need training wheels on his
two-wheel bike.

B. speak in two-word sentences

C. not be able to read.

D. need someone to help cut his
meat at meal times.

2. Which is NOT an example of a
developmental milestone?

A. crawling
B. walking
C. Using Words
D. Roller skating

3. Total communication might be a
better way to teach language to
a hearing impaired child because:

A. Signing is too hard to learn.

B. Families usually prefer the
choices it allows.

C. Lip reading is difficult for

D. There is proof that total
communication is best.

My answers for questions:

#1 (B) speak in two-word sentences
#2 (D) roller skating
#3 (B) families usually prefer the
choices it allows.


Those look excellent to me. Well done.

You're right about the first two answers. However, this site indicates that research indicates that total communication is the most effective method for most children with hearing impairment.


Your text, however, may say that total communication is best because parents prefer the flexibility it offers them and their children.

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