Early Child Ed.

Would someone please check these questions and my answers to be sure
I have chosen the best possible answer?

1.Which one of the following is NOT a
developmentally appropriate practice
for a four-year-old with physical

A. Simplifying an art activity sightly

B. Providing a "buddy" for the child
during circle time

C. Allowing the child extra time
for hand-washing

D. Giving the child a toddler toy
when peers are doing puzzles

2. Which one of the following is NOT
a reason for inclusive early
childhood classrooms?

A. Inclusive classrooms provide equal
services to all children.

B. Exceptional children learn from
imitating typical children.

C. Teachers are trained to help
children with disabilities learn
at their own rate.

D. There are too many pre-schools and
not enough children attending them.

3. Which one of the following is Not
an example of peer tutoring?

A. A child describing the pictures
in a book to another child.

B. One child showing another child
how to string beads.

C. A little girl holding up pictures
for a teacher.

D. A little boy reminding the child
next to him to put his hands in
his lap.

My answers for questions:

#1 (D) Giving the child a toddler toy
when peers are doing puzzles.

#2 (D) There are too many preschools
and not enough children attending

#3 (C) A little girl holding up
pictures for a teacher.

Please give input on my answers.
Thank you!

That all looks A + to me! Good job!

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asked by Tamera
  1. The major purpose of an interdisciplinary team is to:

    a. take turns caring for a child with special needs.
    b. determine the best ways to help a child with special needs learn.
    c. determine how to discipline a child with special needs.
    d. write reports about the child.

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    posted by Deborah
  2. Is the answer a. I don't know. Can you see is this the right answer? I really appreciate it very much. Thanks!

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    posted by Deborah

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