I'm writing an essay on what I think is the most important issue facing the global economy. Would a good topic be the economic development in certain nations?

The phase "economic development in certain nations" is both vague and too broad.

You must keep your mind set on what is meant by the global economy. While specific definitions vary the key element that must be included is the economic relationship with other countries or regions.

Keep focused on the idea of economic relationships that are global in nature.

Please select another topic or theme.

We will be able to help you when you repost with other ideas.

As long as it is not one particular nation. Your interest is supposed to ne in the GLOBAL economy. You might choose the improvement of living standards in the chronically poor "third world" countries. That is certainly one of the most important global issues. Global warming is another.

You might consider reviewing the subjects featured at recent G-8 meeting at Heiligendamm, Germany. is global warming an issue that is facing the global economy?

Global warming will change climate, and changing climate changes natural resources. Some countries will no longer be able to produce food, or raw goods. The shift is already noticable in AFrica.

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