1. He is reft-handed.
2. He is right-handed.
3. He is ambidextrous.

4. He is a right-handed person.
5. He is a left-handed person.
6. He is an ambidextrous person.
7. He is an ambidexter.

(Are all the expressions f grammatical? Do you have some more common expressions?)

8. Look at the guy!

(In this sentence, does 'the guy' mean only a male? Or does 'the guy' can mean a female?)

9. You guys are wroking very hard in the workplace.
(Is this one correct? In this sentence 'You' and 'guys' are in apposition, right? Which preposition do I have to use 'in' or'at' before the workplace? are both propositions OK?)

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asked by John
  1. 1. left-handed

    #s 1 - 6 are all correct and commonly used. But in 7, the word "ambidexter" is obsolete and no longer used.

    8. The word "guy" here is male.

    9. However, in this sentence, "guys" may refer to both males and females. I don't like to be referred to as one of the "guys," though.

    Guys is used as an appositive modifying You. Either preposition is correct.

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    posted by Ms. Sue

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