#1 chin company incurred direct materials costs of $300,000 during the year. manufacturing overhead rate is 70%. how much are chin company total manufacturing costs for the year?

#2 wrapping department's output during the period consist of 10,000 units completed and transfered out, and 600 units in ending work in process that were 75% complete as to materials and conversion costs.begining inventory was 800 units that were 30% equivalent units of production for materials?

#3 a department adds raw materials to a process at the begining of the process and incurs conversion costs uniformely throughout the process. for january there were no units in the beginning work in process inventory;10,000 units were started into production in january;and there were 4,000 units were 40% complete in the ending work in process inventory at the end of january. the weighted average method is used.
what were the equivalent units of prodduction for conversion costs for the month of january

#4 Materials cost of 200,000 and conversion costs of $214,200 were charged to a processing department in september. materials are added at the beginning of the process, whie conversions cots are incurred uniformely throughout the process. there were no units in beginning work in process, 100,000 units were stated into production in september, and there were 8,000 units ending work in process that were 40%completed at the end of september.
-what was the total amount of manufactoring cost assigned to those units that were completed and transfered out of the process in september if the weighted averge method is used?

-what was the total amount of manufacturing costs assigned to the 8,000 units in the ending work in process if the eighted averaage method is used?

can you please show me the step by step on how you get the solution

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asked by mia

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