Alexander the great fact

I have a research paper due shortly and well when i was taking notes i didn't label a few of them( i know)
so now, I returned the books to the library, and i wrote the paper, and one fact which I think is good is that the seers he brought with him said the gods were against his continuing in india, so he headed back home.....

I was trying to find a corresponding fact on a website but I'm not really able too. (and it would take weeks for me to get the books again)
By any chance does someone know a site or something where such a fact is mentioned?

Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. Hopefully you have learned a good lesson about research! On your note cards, you should keep the name of the book, the quote, the page, etc. If you have a Bibliography you will have the name of the books. If the librarian where you got the books can not help you, go online to research the titles of the books. Sorry, but I found nothing similar to what you mentioned about the seers.

Here's part of a webpage about Alexander and his armies:

It seems to negate what you found, but read closely. I may have missed something. Be sure to also check out the external links and references at the bottom of the page, too.


Ya I know, the problem was I need the page number, and the books were sent over from another library, since i cant find it anywhere i suppose i should leave it out. Thanks.

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