1. (5yd 2ft) + (7yd 1ft) = ?
2. (6mi 10ft 4in) - (4mi 8ft 8in) = ?
3. 5(2yd 10in) = ?
4. What is the square root of 36/49?

My Guesses:
1. 13yd
2. 10mi 18ft 12in
3 and 4. I have no idea.

3. 10yd 25 inches

It gives 4 choices but 10yd 25in is not 1 of them...
These are the choices:
a. 10yd 10in
b. 2yd 50in
c. 10yd 14in
d. 11yd 14in
Which one of these would it be?

# 1 is right. But # 2 is wrong. Did you add instead of subtract?

# 3. 5 x 2 yards = 10 yards
. . 5 x 10 inches = 50 inches

A yard contains 36 inches so -- it would be 11 yards and how many inches?

# 4. First get the square roots of 36 and 49. Divide. You can also divide 36 by 49 first and then find the square root of your answer.

I do not know. I have never done this before in my life. Thank you anyway Summer.

Yes, for #2 I added on accident. I was supposed to subtract. I redid #2 and got 2mi 2ft -4in but I don't think that makes sense.
#3. 10yd 50in is not 1 of the choices but I think the answer is 11yd 14in.
#4. I got .8571428

In # 2, you need to change 10 ft to 9 ft and change 4 inches to 16 inches.

6 mi 10 ft 4 in = 6 mi 9 ft 16 in

You're right on # 3 and 4. :-)

Ok thank you so much Ms. Sue. For #2, I now got 2mi 1ft 8in

You're very welcome. And you're right about # 2.

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  1. 50in. = how many yd

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  2. i have no clue

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