This is the assignment: Reread either Andy Rooney’s essay on page 96 or Sarah Penning’s essay on page. 97. Select either essay as your starting point and discuss the terms they write about. What is your reaction to the thesis of either in relation to accepted definitions?

What does the last sentence even mean?? My reaction to the thesis in relation to accepted definitions? The Rooney reading is about New Products and how they're coming from the marketing division instead of the engineering division. Penning's is about a coupon conspiracy.
What accepted definitions??

Hmmm. Interesting question.

If it's an "accepted definition" that new products usually come from engineering divisions (the people who dream new stuff up and develop the products or ideas), but you agree with Andy Rooney's idea that the marketing division (advertising, etc.) is really dreaming up new ideas and then engineering develops them, how can you write that up?

You'll need a summary of the article itselef -- no longer than one well developed paragraph, no doubt. Then analyze what the writer's (Rooney or Penning) thesis (main idea) is. Then state and explain what the "accepted definition" of the topic is. Finally, you'll need your own conclusion -- do you think still think your original idea is correct or not -- and why?

First of all, brainstorm each of these three segments -- probably on separate pieces of paper. You may even need to do some research of your own.

1. summarize article
2. state and explain author's thesis
3. state and explain accepted definition for this particular realm
4. state and explain your conclusion

Second, make a plan or outline -- in what order will you put these ideas, and what specifics and examples and explanations will you include for each.

Other teachers may have further ideas for you. Please re-post if you have more questions.


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