they wanted me to choose an equivalent measure for 150 centimeters and they got 1500mm. How did they arrive at the answer??

There are 10 milimeters (mm) in each centimeter (cm). By multiplying 10 times 150, we get the number of mm in 150 cm -- 1500 mm.

I don't really understand what you mean by what you say when you say there are 10 milimeters(mm) in each centimeter(cm). But I do understand when you say 150*10=1500mm. I don't know or understand my measures and i don't even know what mm and cm measures up to. Are cm and mm big or small measures??

If you look at a ruler with centimeters and milimeters, you'll see ten little marks in each centimeter. Check this site for a picture.

My fingernail is about 1 centimeter (cm) wide. Lead in an automatic pencil is less than a milimeter (mm) wide.

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asked by Mack
  1. how many centimeters is in a meter

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    posted by josh

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