a model of a helicopter rotor has four blades, each 3.40 m in length from the central shaft to the tip of the blade. The model is rotated in a wind tunnel at 550 rev/min. A) what is the linear speed, in m/s of the blade tip? B.) what is the radial acceleration of the blade top, expressed as a multiple of the acceleration g due to gravity?

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  1. angular velocity, ω
    = 550 rpm
    = 550 * 2π /60
    = 55π/3 radians/s

    radius, r
    = 3.4 m

    Linear speed, v
    = r ω m/s
    = 3.4 * 55 π/3 m/s
    = 195.83 m/s

    radial acceleration
    = r ω2
    = 3.4 (55π/3)2 m/s/s
    = 11279 m/s/s
    = 11279 / 9.81 g
    = 1149.7 g

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